Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do you have a location? No, but soon we will have our first pilot housing site. Stay tuned.
  2. Are you taking resident applications? Yes, contact us today for consideration.
  3. Why does the donate pop up window say “Make a Payment”? That donation button utilizes our payment processor’s website and wording can not be changed. Please write “donation” in the note’s section and we will ensure that your contribution will be counted as such.
  4. Is this a nursing home or assisted living? No
  5.  How can I help Green Pastures Living with my skills?  Contact us to how you can volunteer in our organization.
  6.  Why are you a non-profit? Or you government-funded? In order to provide housing for “the missing middle” we need to supplement our costs with grants and donations. The “missing middle” is housing for income between low income and market-rate. There is little to no government funding for this housing.