About Green Pastures Living

How We Started

Green Pastures Living took root a couple of years ago when Anne Michels was in the process of finding housing for her aging father. He had never lived outside the rural setting and she found no options that were available for him.  Since then, she has been crafting a place that will be alive and active with green and growing things where seniors can age in place and continue with hobbies and their community .

Anne is drawn to people who love the country and desire to remain rooted in rural living. She desires to assist all involved in the transition of living situations. Her passion is to see that an individual retains as much as their familiar surroundings and activities as possible.  Her frugal upbringing helps her strive to provide an affordable and functional housing option for those who need it. Green Pastures Living can help you through the complex stages of aging and housing and health care. 

She has worked in at-home senior living for over five years. She continues to use her knowledge and experience from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh where she has a degree of Human Services along with a business minor.  Anne served as a Master Gardener Volunteer through the University Wisconsin Extension where she enjoyed educating the community on gardening and nature topics.

Below is when Green Pastures Living was featured locally and gives a great 8-minute look into the organization.

Board Members

Anne Michels

Anne Michels is the founder and executive director who combines her human services experiences such as in-home senior care with her rural rooted love for country living. She has served her community in various roles, such as a 4-H leader and Master Gardener Volunteer. Raising her three children, including a set of twins, gives her confidence in this next endeavor.

 Anne is NASMM trained for all your needs in your senior transitional season.

Scott Michels

Scott Michels is the board treasurer and has worked for more than 20 years in the financial services industry.  He has grown from analytical roles early in his career to leadership and management roles more recently.  He also serves both his church as its treasurer and a local food pantry on its finance committee. Scott grew up in a farming community, living near his family’s dairy farms.  He worked for several farmers growing up, and because of this experience, feels strong connections to rural living.  

Jennifer Magdech

Jennifer Magdech is the board secretary who desires to help create a welcoming familiar living environment for seniors. She has lived in a rural setting for over a decade now and she is dedicated to serving her family and community. Jennifer has also served on her local church board before in the secretary position.

Kelli Outhouse

Kelli Outhouse is a board member who is a nurse, and has spent over 25 years in the healthcare field. She has had opportunities to work with the elderly in their homes, facilities, and through hospice. Rurally born and bred, she has been active in her community through 4-H club leadership, church, and is active in the swine industry. Kelli is passionate about supporting those in need, especially those who may be underserved. She is most excited for Green Pastures Living to provide a fresh option for aging in place, in a setting that is peaceful and serene.


Our first pilot housing project will be small-scale duplexes in a rural community in the Dane County area of Wisconsin.  Our target prices will be in the range for middle income seniors.  Our mission is to provide housing so seniors can remain in their communities and continue their involvement in hobbies while staying within their budgets. We plan to collaborate with community partners and leaders in order to create this sustainable housing and reproduce it for many more.