Green Pastures Living Inc.

Remain Rooted in Rural Living

What if you desire to remain living in a country setting that you love and thrive in?

Green Pastures Living Inc works with you to provide affordable housing and resources you need to sustain an abundant life where you find the most familiar: the rural setting.

Pursuing sustainable abundant country living as you age in a familiar community

Green Pastures Living, Inc is a non-profit organization that provides individuals 55+ with affordable housing in familiar rural country setting while also keeping them connected to the community.  We work hard to find ways to fund safe housing and to offer members opportunities to stay actively involved in the community. Seniors have a lot to offer many generations in our society and Green Pastures Living will connect them with others.

If someone has lived in a country setting their entire lives and wishes to remain there, we will work hard to keep the beauty of the familiar and fresh air of nature in their daily view. 

Services Provided:

Members of Green Pastures Living Inc will be provided with housing and resources for living needs. They will not have to worry about house maintenance or repairs or paying the mortgage. We would be provide resources to local in-home care so that family members would not have to take up valuable time to do the research and follow up. We will work with members to see that personal hobbies or interests continue on. We would work with them to develop strategic plan for what choices that they would like to see played out in their lives and to help guide their financials and healthcare decisions.

How Green Pastures Living is different?

There are plenty of places in urban settings that are enormous, sterile and pricey. We’re setting off in a different direction. There are plenty of people who simply land between, “Don’t qualify for government assistance” and “Expensive Senior Housing Complexes”. We meet the needs of individuals who do not want to move out of their familiar rural surroundings to urban dwellings. If you need further medical treatment and need to move out of Green Pastures Living, there is a buyout option.