Our Housing Project

Independent Housing for Seniors

Safe, simple senior housing in rural communities ensuring they remain rooted in a familiar setting with trusted guidance and provision through their aging process.

Our first housing project will be a small-scale duplex in a rural community near Madison, Wisconsin. Our initial fundraising goal is $200,000 to launch construction and land acquisition as well as secure future residents. Potential seniors will apply for residency and agree to life lease where there is a buy-out options if there is any unforeseen need for relocation. As we learn from this first project, we plan to grow and expand to more local communities, building on our support and equity.

Why are we doing this?

Bob Kramer, NIC’s founder and now a strategic advisor to the organization said: “Middle-income seniors are the forgotten group because they don’t have advocacy behind them, but are not wealthy enough to attract the interest of developers and investors.”

To middle class seniors who live and worked in rural America:

Green Pastures Living is the brand of independent community that keeps you rooted in rural living.

The only rural senior housing that is small-scale.

We give you the choice of where you want to live and what keeps you going.

Trust our expertise and experience as we partner with you in this season.

Non-profit organization who is not about the bottom-line but sustainability.

Our values are in line with what you value.

Extra Value Added by Working with Green Pastures Living

Acknowledge the many paths where aging may lead you. 

Retain your choice where you would like to reside. 

Live in community and sustain independence as you age in place.

Below is initial draft of a potential new construction housing plan:

front of duplex
elevation of duplex